RAC fears over lack of roads spending as number of cars increase

According to a recent report by the RAC Foundation, longer delays for the British motorists is on the cards in the future because of the fact that even though more cars will hit the roads, the Government’s spending on transport infrastructure to tackle increasing number of vehicles on the roads is comparatively very low.

Going by the estimates put forth in the report, the next two-and-a half decades will witness an increase in the number of cars by a whopping 4 million; with the population likely to increase by over 10 million.

As a result of the increased number of cars on the roads, there will apparently be a 43 percent increase in traffic volumes by the years 2035; with the most noticeable increase likely to be seen in the East Midlands.

The high traffic volumes will, in turn, imply that there will be a 54 percent rise in average delays for the UK residents in the next 25 years; thereby meaning that the motorists in the country not only face traffic jams at present, but will also face “even more jams tomorrow.”

Despite the fact that Roads Minister Mike Penning has stated that the Government had earmarked £4billion for several road schemes, the RAC Foundation report has warned that “Ministers have not explained what plans they have to cope with the bleak picture painted by their own numbers.”