Drug habits get formed more by clever children

A study that was conducted to establish a link between the IQ and the possibility of resorting to drugs has stated that illegal drugs are used by intelligent children in later life more as compared to children who are not so intelligent.

It was seen that chances of taking illegal drugs like cannabis and cocaine was more in children who were in the top third in terms of IQ at an age of five to 10 years.

About 8000 people were interviewed for the study that was called the 1970 British Cohort Study and in this study kids when they were five to 10 years old were taken for measuring their IQ scores and these children when turned 16 and 30 years were asked about their drug habits.

When it came to drugs like the LSD, barbiturates and heroine, a similar pattern of behaviour was found. It was seen that the chances of taking up to drugs was more in boys in the top third in terms of IQ when aged five and these chances were as strong as about 50 per cent as compared to those who were the bottom third.