Apple releases its first “over the air” update – iOS 5.0.1

The much-anticipated iOS 5.0.1 update has been recently released by Apple for fixing a number of unspecified bugs, including the one which was the cause behind the shorter-than-expected battery life of the iPhone.

Along with fixing the battery longevity bug, the newly-released iOS 5.0.1 update - which happens to be the first "over the air" update to be delivered by Apple - also fixes five security flaws, including the one that was demonstrated at apple's App Store code signing, by the well-known researcher Charlier Miller.

The mentioned vulnerability could reportedly be circumvented to facilitate the download of malware onto an iPhone, with the device's owners having no clue whatsoever about it.

The update also bring on for the users of the original iPad the additional multitasking gestures, with each of the users of the tablet getting better synching with documents in the Cloud, and improved text dictation using the voice- recognition feature.

The other vulnerabilities that Apple has fixed via the iOS 5.0.1 update include the flaws in FreeType, iOS' font-rendering engine, as well as a bug that allowed people a physical access to a passcode-locked iPad 2 view information on the tablet, once the Apple Smart Cover was opened.

The "over the air" iOS 5.0.1 update - which does not require the use of iTunes - can be installed by selecting the `Settings' app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and clicking `General' and finally `Software Update.'