Lulzsec Hacker Admits Retaining Emails from ‘The Sun’

In a recent report, it has been claimed by the leader of the hacker group Lulzsec that the group still retains the emails sent from the servers of The Sun in addition to other major sites.

Owing to arrest of some close aids, the hacker has been on a run. “The ironic twist will be that my own friends will take me down, and not these idiots who hide behind the patriot veil”, said Sabu, while claiming that the confidential data has been stored in China.

It has been known that the group managed to get into some of the biggest organizations, including Sony Pictures Europe, Fox. com, PBS and the News International website. The group had the guts to even breach the security of the US Congress website and the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency.

The level of breach has been so far that the man had created such a ruckus in the society as the media, social, government online environments were being manipulated by the group at his convenience.

The most shocking part is that the man has been quite transparent about his wrongdoings, as he used to openly share his deeds on twitter and other websites. Being a mystery, the man is told to have no clue about the identity of other crew members.