The New iPhone 4S

It has been revealed in recent reports that iPhone 4S is here, with the Siri Assistant technology, to enable users to make calls, schedule appointments and makes reservations in simplified and quick manner.

A similar technique has been offered by the Android phones by Google. This technique has been named the Google Voice Actions technique. It enables users to make contacts and appointments with business officials, browse the internet, listen to one's favorite playlists and send text and mails very easily.

Siri however seems to have taken technology a step further. It is going to be a very user friendly and smart system that would make life easier for people. They could just ask it about the weather and it would give the information, in fraction of the time. It would also be able to give forecasts.

It shall also identify the calories of the food one intakes making them more health conscious. It would basically be like an all time friend and manager for one. It would take care of all possible needs of man.

The makers of this new system are confident about its success and are sure it will become a worldwide rage as soon as it hits the markets.