New Game Trailers Raise Expectations

Recent reports suggest that the much awaited Legend of Zelda game is going to be a treat for the freaks. The trailer shows the sort of puzzle mechanics, combating and platforming that has been used in the game, making it very interesting.

These new trailers have aired on Siliconera. One of these shows the dowsing mechanic that shows the player to use a sword in the form of item-locating icon. Gamers are sure going to have a delight when they see this new game with so many advanced features. There have been a number of fans who have been visiting the Nottingham festival for the new updates on latest games that are coming.

There was a Zelda theme adventure that has been planned so that the gamers get a chance to be a part of the real action of the game. It's going to be released in UK on the 18th of November.

On the 25th anniversary of Link's adventures, the firm has planned a fan magazine for Zelda, where fans can send in their artwork as well as valuable quotes and poetry that shall be featured therein.

It's a matter of time to see what the audience reacts like to the latest entry of the Zelda creation.