Apple Samsung Lock Horns

Recent reports have revealed that Samsung might try to prove a hindrance in the launch and sale of the new iPhone by Apple.

They are set to do this on the ground that the firm has copied their technology and stole their ideas. The launch of the new version of Apple iPhone is due in the time to come but Samsung is of the view that it is based on the patented ideas from their firm. The firm has revealed in the media that their technology has been robbed by their rivals.

Both the firms have been involved in legal battles since a long time and it's a matter of time to see which one wins the claims and public attention.

"We are preparing aggressive legal suits against Apple, shifting away from our defensive strategy. We stand a good chance of winning the cases if we use our patents related to wireless communications standards", it was revealed by a spokesperson from Samsung.

It is expected that Apple launches its latest device with the big impact in order to lure more buyers and make themselves leaders in the industry.

In the recent past, Apple had got an all-Europe conjunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Samsung and, and the firm has now claimed that Apple has copied its elements for their latest product.