Eric Schmidt Strictly Denies Allegations on Google

Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google, has strictly opposed allegations that company attempts to float its search results around advertisement of its own websites as well as services. While attending a congressional hearing in Washington, Eric Schmidt made a sarcastic note and assured that the company is not cooking anything.

Simultaneously, the Senate Judiciary subcommittee for anti-trust is investigating the matter if the giant had misused its market reputation. Besides this, the US Federal Trade Commission is also employed to carry on its inquiry regarding the same matter related to the most popular website search giant. In addition, the European Commission will also consider the matter.

While responding to a question seeking explanation over the comment that Google is a monopoly company, Mr. Schmidt said that the company has a bundle of responsibilities because of its reputation and huge user expectations.

On the other hand, Bill Gates claimed that Microsoft never acquired any monopoly power in concern of licensing operating systems, and said: "As you know, a monopolist by definition is a company that has the ability to restrict entry by new firms and unilaterally control price. Microsoft can do neither".