HP Announces Refund Program

In a statement, HP has claimed: "The HP refund program is our way saying thank you for choosing HP webOS". The statement came consequent to its announcement, suggesting refund the dissimilarities among purchase price of its TouchPad tablet as well as Pre 3 smartphone. Further, the company also notified a significant decline in prices for its products.

In addition, the company sources have revealed that each and every user who bought the 16GB unit has qualified for the refund between its purchase price and the offer price of £89.

On top of that, the deal is fairly common for HP's 32GB users as well as for the users of its 64GB variants. These two versions had a price tag of £115 and £159, respectively. Simultaneously, HP has also notified slaughtering WebOS.

According to marked reactions, TouchPad has not impressed the experts and experienced tough completion from various competitors on the tablet market. Further, Apple's iPad can be considered as a market ruler, at present.

The move has apparently sparked an intense demand of HP's TouchPad. However, the company authorities have recently notified stopping the export of the device in the United States.

On the other hand, the global IT giant company has announced that the refund move is just a manner of expressing gratitude for its users and, thanking them for their purchase of HP webOS.