Oracle Raises Objection on Google’s Choice of Representative

It has been stated by Oracle that Andy Rubin, Google Android’s Chief is not on apposition senior to be talking to the co-president of Oracle Safra Catz. It was said in context of a dispute prevailing between the two firms about patents.

Oracle is of an objection of sorting affairs on the issue with Andy Rubin, the Android boss. It has been revealed that the two firms were told by a court mediated source, that they can sort matters outside the court. It was then that Oracle told the court that they had a problem with Rubin being the spokesperson for Google to talk to their co-president Catz regarding this issue.

"Oracle believes the prospects for a successful mediation will be far greater if Google's executive-level representative is a superior to Mr Rubin, who is the architect of Google's Android strategy — the strategy that gives rise to this case”, they said in their lawsuit.

In reply of the same Google revealed that Mr. Rubin was knowledgeable and experienced about the matters of this case and was the right choice for representation from their side. It’s a matter of time to see what the two firms finally settle for at the end of the dispute.