Facebook to Pay Hackers for Reveling Security Threats

According to a recent development it has been revealed that Facebook, the hit social site has paid a sum of $40, 000 to the ‘bug spotters’ in their site. This is actually a security initiative in order to make the social site more secure for the users. According to this, they are looking for professional or amateur hackers to send the firm any sort of details about the security loopholes of their site.

They are of the revelation that they would be able to pay even higher sums to those spotters who find significant loopholes. This has sent a buzz all over cyber space and people from all genres, professional and otherwise are trying their best to ‘deworm’ Facebook.

The site does have its own robust system for security, but a little extra help is always beneficial and the firm is of the view that they shall be keenly looking forward to the sort of security loopholes their engineers must’ve missed while making the software.

"We've already paid a $5,000 bounty for one really good report", Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan recently revealed. They are awaiting better response in the future as well.