Takeover Speculations for RIM

According to recent developments, it has been revealed that there are speculations on a high about the takeover of the Blackberry maker RIM by another firm. There have been denials in the same regard by the owners of the firm since years. They were of the view that the original maker of these phones shall never be replaced.

With the recent developments of the global market though, things have changed. Google is all set to takeover Motorola and this has brought all speculative eyes on RIM.

The shares of RIM have seen a recent surge of 10%, mainly due to the announcement of the takeover of Motorola.

“For a long while the market cap of RIM prevented any kind of takeover”. “I’m certainly not writing them off now, but they have got a tough job”, said Adam Leach, a London-based analyst with Ovum.

A Spokesperson from RIM was of the revelation that they don’t need to say anything about the sort of speculations being made by the people. The crux of the matter is that with the declaration of the deal of Motorola. A lot stands changed for RIM and all eyes are eagerly waiting to see what happens next there.