Orange Set to Roll-Out HP Pre 3 in Britain

HP's latest phone Pre 3 featuring its own Web-OS operating system would be soon launched in London on Orange. The phone would be available from 23 August for £394 in the market.

The news of its availability on Orange got publicized when the mobile operator Orange published a support page for the HP Pre 3 on its website.

The document gave customers a suspicion that fruity mobile-mongers will be flogging the Web-OS smart phone in the coming time.

However, different dates and prices have been coming in to limelight for the scheduled launch of the product.

While Clove. co. uk has offered Pre 3 for £360 but said it would not be available till end of August, Play. com has kept the release of phone for 9 September and said that the phone can be pre-ordered for £349.

To clarify the doubts, when HP was contacted, they said that the release date is yet to be finalized and had no reason for delay.

The novel HP product would boast of a 3.58in touch screen, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a 5MP camera and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

It touch screen facility would enable the HP Touchpad tablet owners to share content and would also enable the tablet to be used as a phone for calls and text messages.