Onlive is Not a “Direct Competitor” of Current Consoles: CEO

On September 22, the UK market will observe the launch of a new platform of games, OnLive, which will streams video games to user’s television from remote servers.

The games played via OnLive can be effectively played remotely with the service streaming back the video and users can access games with hardware requirements higher than their own PC's.

In addition, the OnLive also works on Mac computers and demands a minimum 2Mbps broadband speed to work although; 5Mpbs is marked as best suited.

Further, it is also available on some HTC tablets and the company has expressed enthusiasm to make the system available via an iPad app.

The OnLive has an array of beneficial features such as it possesses a tremendous ability to play high-performance computers including ultra-portable laptops that don't have the power to run games.

The Chief Executive Officer of the cloud gaming service, Steve Perlman, said that the new gaming service not a “direct competitor” of current consoles.

“I think the UK could see the States as a huge Beta test. We launched in the US with 19 games and we were very cautious about making sure it was reliable”, added Steve Perlman. “OnLive’s going to hit the UK with a library of over
100 games most of them the latest games. It is going to be available on all devices, not just PC and Mac”.