Bing A Big Hit Among Its Users

Internet has travelled a long journey to become a vital part of people's life, and also to be recognized as social media. Earlier, the competition was between internet and other Medias like internet versus print, electronic, radio, transitory and many more, but with the passage of time and advancement in the technology, now the competition is among internet search engines.

Nowadays, Microsoft's Bing is grabbing the eyeballs of internet users, who claim it has some fantastic backgrounds as well as slick user interface. Bing has already replaced the second position with Yahoo, but it seems it would take some time to replace number one position holder Google. But if Bing's official's statement is considered, then they are eying on the Google's position and just want to offer decision making searches to the user.

In the UK, Bing share has increased by 0.96% in the month of July, accounting for 3.84% of the UK search market.

Though there is a double dip recession going on in the market, internet market has only seen the rise. The probable reason of it could be that when people have to go for particular shopping, they do the thorough search of that product on the net. Same goes with other things, like jobs, finding friends and much more.