Smartphones Preferred By UK Population: Ofcom

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has revealed that UK’s population has been inclined towards social networking sites and smartphones. Around one fourth of the adult population and half of the teenagers have been using smartphones.

Ofcom revealed that among the smartphones owners, 58% of them were males and the female count was 42%. Among the younger generation, children aged between 12 and 15 years were surveyed, 52% of girls have been using smart phones and 48% of boys were using smartphones.

Apple's iPhone remains the top priority of the adults when it comes to the smartphones and RIM's Blackberry devices were more preferred by the youngsters.

The Ofcom has notified that the rise in demand for the smartphones has been due to the easy internet access, and Facebook and twitter tops the chart for the access through mobile devices. Among the internet users on the phones, 57% reported that they visit social networking sites like Facebook and 53% of them notified that they check emails on their phones.

Ofcom stated, "Compared to users of 'traditional' mobile phone handsets, smartphone users use their phone more and claim to be more addicted to their phone, leaving it switched on for longer and displaying different social behaviours and work-life balance".