Blind can see with bionic vision

Kinect is a technology that can be used for both good as well as bad just like any other technology can be. And while there can be numerous ways in which the service can be misused, one of the ways in which it can be used for betterment is for the blind people.

Dr. Stephen Hicks of the Oxford University has been working in a pair of glasses that can help all those who have very little vision, to see again. And he is said to have been inspired by the kinetic gaming controller.

The prototype that has been made by him went for display at the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition in London and received rave reviews. These glasses have got small cameras built inside them and are connected to a very sophisticated computer that helps in detecting what is infront of the computer.

It has been accepted by Kinect that it was the camera-based motion sensing controller in Xbox 360 and even iPad that has helped them in inspiring the work of the team.

Now, the only aim in front of Hicks is to make the glasses as discreet as possible.