Red tape still persists because of chief constables, says Theresa

Home Secretary, Theresa May asked all the police chiefs to come and join the fight against bureaucracy. She accused the forces saying that with time they have replaced their national targets with just local ones.

She also said that many of the chief constables are ordering frontline officers to just get stuck with unnecessary paperwork rather than doing just what is that they are supposed to do and the so-called 'form-filling' culture is a very hard one.

The secretary was put her thoughts into words at the meeting of senior officers in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and further added that there is a problem and even today a lot of scrapped targets were being set by the forces. This, she said, was against her commitment to reduce bureaucracy and that is need of the hour now since all unnecessary costs need to be chopped off.

One must remember that last year only the police chiefs were ordered to reduce bureaucracy. But since that time it has been complained by the high-ranking officials that the managers are still setting targets when it comes to the number of arrests and reduction in crime level.