Lukewarm reaction of industry on a new malware

There has been a mixed reaction to a word that a new malware has spread. Named as TDL4, this has been a subject of recent report where it was said by Kaspersky Lab that it is the most sophisticated one found till date,

If one looks at the malware platform then there is nothing new in it since its variant of TDSS, a platform that had been known for several years. But TDL4 is becoming more and more, tough to detect since it uses a technique known as a 'bootkit'. Because of this the booth sector of a startup process is hampered and it does not detect any kind of damages.

Besides that, Kaspersky industry also noted that TD4 uses encrypted communications systems so as to be able to connect to the bonet of infected system and then make changes in the control centre. This is a technique that was created by Kaspersky researchers.

The company said TDSS and the botnet combined are going to create problems for the users and the professionals of the industry alike. It is so because of its indestructible nature.