Google comes out with Google+

Search engine giant, Google is retrying its hands in social networking and this time has named its service Google+. It has also claimed that the new service is dramatically different from the ones that were earlier presented by it or any other player in the market.

Google + is going to bring about a paradigm shift in the way traditional social networking sites are dealt with. This time, one would not need to define the type of his/her friendship as that is a very private and personal thing. This has been given as the first reason as to why someone should move out of Facebook and into Google.

Google+ has been launched for a selected number of users and the strategy behind this is that they want to set up frenzy just like they did when Gmail services were announced.

In the new service, each of the users is given a dozen invitations by friends and family. This will be done to check capabilities of a person for social networking. Once that has been proved he/she can send a thousand invitations for joining the service.

But soon this feature was dropped since they could not meet the demand.