New MS365 for small businesses

For allowing even the small businesses to be able to use the services of cloud computing, Microsoft has come up with Office 365. This is an office productivity suit which is based on cloud computing. The declaration of the same was done by Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.

The service is going to be completely online and is going to bring together Office to become collaboration and communications software. Main aim of the same will be to work specifically for the small and medium enterprises and is going to help them in competing with the larger players.

SMEs have been targeted since they are alone responsible for providing jobs to 2/3rd of the people and have some 1.5 billion people working for them across the globe. And they need to be on the edge of technology for having the edge themselves. Office 365 is going to help them with that.

Executives working with the company have said that they are now targeting companies who have small budget for spending on IT. In recent months, testing of the product has been done on many companies who have given in their feedback.