Borehole tells the yesteryears of Newcastle

A borehole has told the history of Newcastle and it is definitely a good one. As per it the place was like a paradise covered in vegetation and was similar to the Bahamas.

The same was discovered when the scientists started digging in search of hot water and were able to unearth a layer of shells and coral in a block made of limestone. The depth of the same was 1,000 meters. Said Laura Armstrong of Newcastle University that all this suggests the kind of environment in the region must have been tropical in nature.

But the sad part is that this thing was some 400 million years ago and now the whole place is dry and rigid. Meanwhile, digging the borehole is part of a £1million project that was to find out water some two kilometers below the level.

The scheme which had been doing average till now received a big boost when they were able to find water sprout through the borehole. Now experts are saying that this water must have been available for 24*7 basis and is the same now. It is so because it is not dependent on weather.