Google Chromebook: Samsung Series 5 first impressions

Series 5 Chromebook of Samsung will be introduced in the United Kingdom the following day thus allowing the future users of the device to enjoy the use of Google’s Chrome Operating system for the maiden time. The OS will be available in two versions. One is supported by Wi-Fi only and the other will be equipped with 3G. The price of the two is said to be around £349 for the one supported by Wi-Fi while the one with 3G facility will cost around £399.

Anyone intending to own a series 5 will necessarily have to take the one with 3G in case they will not be in a Wi-Fi supported area since this system will work on internet only and thus requires a consistent connection.

Apart from the Chromo Operating system, this device is also said to have a display of 12.1 inch, a small storage capacity of only 16 GB and also an Intel Atom CPU.

It also comes with a complete keyboard made handier with a varied unique functional key which include both a devoted search button and a large touchpad.