Google to make pockets less heavy

Google recently came up with Google Wallet which is an application that helps someone to pay without carrying even plastic money. In Wallet all that one needs to do is just tap or swipe card on a store and all worked do be done in a jiffy. Of course, if one has balance in ones account.

What it would do is for everyone to understand. They can keep all the details about their credit cards, offers, loyalty cards and gift cards, at one place and without carrying any bulk. Also, people who use it can earn points that can be later on used for providing better offers et al.

But what may sound impossible to some is very much possible thanks to a near-field communication, or NFC technology. As per a industry body, NFC Forum there is short-range of wireless connectivity technology that helps in enabling consumers to perform safe and two-way technology. Also, it helps in contact less transaction, access digital content and connects electronic devices with help of just a single touch.

It is also safe to have NFC and keeps private information totally protected.