New York Post blocks iPad access through Safari browser

Recently it was revealed that the New York Post has begun to block the access to its website on the iPad. This is done to drive those customers in the direction of the paid NY Post app in the App Store. The customers who try to have access on the paper via the Safari browser on the iPad will find a redirecting page. The page contains the app, as well as a few other basic services.

It was noted by Staci Kramer of PaidContent that NY Post's site works fine through the free alternative browsers Skyfire and Opera Mini on the other hand Safari is a no-go. Kramer has stated that he has never seen such a conceived paywall efforts.

Moreover New York Times has raised its paywall; it has made one big allowance to readers and has paid the rest of their parts relating to their site accessible through social networking links and search engine results.

However this was NY Post has even ruined this; it has cleared Facebook on the iPad which redirect to the screen size app advertisement.