Vital customer information breach in Sega; website disabled temporarily

Reports have confirmed that Sega, a video game giant has experienced a security breach resulting in the leaking of important information relating to the users. It has reported of a very serious attack which has put the personal information of about 1.3m users in jeopardy. It included vital information like encrypted passwords, names, date of birth etc have been said to be compromised with.

The company is reported to have informed all its customers about the breach and warned them to change their passwords of other accounts in case they used the same one for other accounts.

It has also cautioned its customers to be more alert and cautious about doubtful and strange conversations and mails since there were chances of being dragged into deceitful transactions with the help of the leaked information.

But the company has assured that no payment information has been revealed since the passwords were stored in encrypted form and not in the usual comprehensible language. It has also disengaged the functioning of the website as it went in for investigations and searches regarding the breach and also made sure to replace the old passwords with a set of new ones.