US senators come up with Location Privacy Protection Act

A bill which will permissions from mobile phones users in order to share their location information with other people by the companies will become mandatory has been set on the table by two Senators of the United States. Richard Blumenthal hailing from Connecticut and Al Franken based in Minnesota has come with a Location Privacy Protection Act which according to them will get rid of all the lacunas present in the law in force currently.

Franken stated that he had come up with this law along with Blumenthal after he had witnessed the entire hearing and presided over it about the mobile phone technology and the security and privacy issues. He also said that after listening to the grievances of some people who stated that this technology was being used some people for abusing others’ privacy.

It was after this meeting that he decided that the current law was not adequate and that more stringent laws were required in order to ensure security to the customers using mobile phones.