Sony to launch tablets in Britain

Information has been leaked about the fact that this September, Sony will be launching two tablet computers in Britain. The S1 and S2 are the two tablet computers that Sony has announced. But release dates of the same are not yet announced.

However, reports in the gadget blog, Engadget reveal that in a private note sent from Sony’s marketing group, the date of release of at least one of those tablets is supposed to be in late September and that too particularly in Britain.

According to the note, when the device is launched in Britain, Sony, John Lewis and a third retailer will stock the device and more retailers will subsequently follow.

The Sony S1, which is a 9.4” tablet, will have a curved back which makes the device pretty easy to hold. The S2 on the other hand has a ‘clamshell’ design that folds open and in the process, reveals two 5.5. inch screens. On Google’s Android operating system, both these tablets will be able to run. Both will also be compatible with PlayStation games.