Within 8 months Oracle and H-P go from ‘working in tandem’ to bitter antagonists

Hewlett Packard Co. has filed a suit against Oracle Corporation for creating problems with the company’s step to prevent it from favoring the expensive with better and higher features HP systems.

It also alleged that Oracle was using ‘strong arm’ ways misleading the clients of H-P. This suit comes as the newest and freshest example of increasing strains between H-P and Oracle who are considered to be two giants in the Silicon Valley.

The two giants have now moved from working hand in hand and in tandem to being worst enemies only within a period of 8 months. This has been stated in the complaint that H-P filed with the California Superior Court this Wednesday. These problems and scuffles have surfaced following the acquisition of Sun Microsystems made by Oracle the previous year after which it engaged in the business of selling hardware.

The problems intensified once Mark Hudd, the Chief Executive for Hewitt Packard Co. left the company to join in Oracle at a very high post. This latest tension is regarding a chip line from Intel Corporation namely Itanium which H-P has been suing in its advance servers while Oracle has disagreed to produce systems working on Itanium.