Facebook juror trial shows contempt in other ways

Would using the internet amount to the contempt of court? Well, the answer to that question will be found today.

Joanne Fraill, juror of 40, will find out today if she will be imprisoned for contempt of court for using Facebook to communicate with Jamie Stewart, 38, a defendant who was acquitted in a previous case.

As the Lord Chief Justice said that it would be difficult to keep her out of prison, Fraill sobbed hard. She also admitted that she was conducting an internet search into Sewart’s boyfriend, Gary Knox, co-defendant in the same case as the jury was busy deliberating.

Sewart was however, told that any charges on her regarding contempt of court would be suspended. Sewart, a mother of 2, from Bolton was acquitted in an earlier case of an ongoing multi-million pound drugs trial in Manchester last year.

If the lord chief justice feels that her conviction would lead to the deterring other jurors from committing the same offence then it is possible that she may have to go to prison for the same.