Facebook Sees Big Traffic Drops in US and Britain

Recently the data found from the dominant social network has revealed that the number of users using Facebook in Britain and America has again dropped.

After seeing the recent figures it is marked that Facebook has probably reached saturation point in those countries it has first enjoyed explosive growth in past.

Inside Facebook which is based on Facebook’s own advertising tool has revealed that during the month of the May almost 6 million Americans abandoned the site.

In the 1st week of the month there were 155.2 million US users, while in the last week it was 149.4 million. There was a drop of 3.7 per cent in its total user numbers. This has happened for the first time that it has lost users month-on-month in the last year.

While in Britain it was noted that there were 100,000 less Facebook users from the total users.

There was same decline in the users in Norway and Russia. However in the whole globe it has been growing widely, the rate of growth fell for the second month consecutively.