Police arrest three suspected internet 'hacktivists'

Three people, suspected to be member of Anonymous hacker group were arrested by the Spanish police on Friday. The three were accused of organizing cyber crimes against the websites Sony Corp, banks and governments.

However, they have not been accused of the recent massive hacking of PlayStation gamers. They were also accused of launching cyber assaults on Spanish banks Bankia and BBVA, and also against Italian energy group Enel SpA. Termed as hacktivists, these people hack the cyber accounts of many banks, businesses and also gaming companies.

The Anonymous are a group of self-proclaimed hacktivists who try to shut down businesses of those whom they oppose.

Describing themselves as the freedom fighters on the internet, they are accused of bringing down the businesses of groups such as Church of Scientology, Amazon. com Inc, MasterCard Inc and other organizations which they felt was hostile to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.