Sprint and Motorola come together to launch Photon 4G

Following the period of differences between Motorola and Sprint for the past two years, both the companies are now reported to have come back together with a new project of which the maiden outcome is the Photon 4G smart-phone which runs on Android. They declare that they will be launching nearly about 10 other cell phones also before this year comes to a finish.

The Photon 4G, which was launched only the day before, is said to be akin to Atrix 4G of Motorola in terms on its concepts. Both are said to have alike elements of the handset as well as the computing device. The Photon 4G is capable of running a big screen monitor and even television with connections with mouse and keyboard also available and all this happens by merely placing the phone in the tiny optical HDMI dock.

But the Photon 4G lacks behind the Atrix in just one aspect which is that it is completely fixed and cannot be used as a notebook though the mouse and the keyboard adds to the advantages since it makes navigation a hell lot easier.