Apple to nix apps that tip off drunk drivers

Those who mix drinking and driving should now stop looking at Apple for help. Apple has explicitly banned apps that warn the drivers of DUI checkpoints that are not openly disclosed by the police.

This was done in an update of its App store review guidelines on Wednesday.

According to MAcRumors, the new guidelines now read that apps which contain DUI checkpoints that are not released by law enforcement agencies, or encourage and allow drunk driving, will be rejected. This revision came after
4 US. Senators wrote to Apple, Google and Blackberry to remove these apps from their respective stores. While Blackberry had already done so, Google had not.

Now with Apple taking such an action, the news is definitely bad for drunken drivers.

The Apple faces the problem in getting the payments of the apps as the users have pay usually via a monthly fee, and Apple faces lot of money blocked in this way. Some apps were of free of cost.

And now the company has decided to change the terms and services of the apps. Now the users have to sign up and pay for their subscriptions through an in-app portal.