Sony fares pretty well at E3 despite the recent humiliation regarding security loopholes

As a large number of fans gathered and waited and in queues outside the Sony booths in the Electronic Entertainment Expo event to check out and try their hands at the next generation gaming handset at 3D Drake’s Unchartered videogame.

There was a lot of rush and all the days at the E3 extravagant event was described as a prosperous experience in the words of Julie Webber who is the Spokesperson for Sony as the company very firmly turned its back on the recent embarrassment due to the various hacking incidents of online games, movies etc.

She stated that the company could never work towards the detrimental of the security and protection of its customers in reference to the recent hue and cry about the security loopholes in the play-station network. She also expressed that despite these hurdles the company still needed to showcase the world all the latest and newest hardware and programs that it is coming up with via this extravaganza.

In this event Sony has launched PS Vita and a few 3D consoles which will help the firm to overcome the recent fingers raised on it due to the cyber attacks.