New protocol still a threat for US companies

IPv6 is the next generation Internet protocol which is still a threat for U. S. companies. On Tuesday night mostly the entire world’s largest carrier’s providers and websites switched on to IPv6 and it deals with shortage of addresses, as per a survey conducted from trade association CompTIA. The survey also found that only 22% of U. S. departments have actually started implementing the new protocol.

Launch of IPv6 protocol is a 24 hour trial during which it will coexist with the current protocol, IPv4 so in case if there will be any disruptions, it will not get depicted. This trial will provide internet users a chance to see how prepared they are for the eventual switchover.

As per GMT, throughout Wednesday, IPv6 runs or according to U. S. it runs from Tuesday to Wednesday evening. World IPv6 is sponsored by the Internet Society.

Internet users can access to this new protocol through companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo which have made their servers available to support IPv6 for 24 hours. Verizon, another major carrier also confirmed to support it.