Wii U console succeeds in raising quite a few eyebrows

The latest Wii U console has not succeeded in making a very good impression on many since most of the people consider it to be yet another look-alike of the already available Wii instead of being completely new and fresh.

The console is said to be similar in looks with Wii as it also boasts of rounded edges and while Nintendo is itself not letting out much information on the technical aspects strong rumours are making the round that these latest controllers will be wireless also when it displays a very great clarity video.

The controller comes with a 16:9 touch screen of about 6.2 inch and also boasts of an inherent gyroscope, accelerometer, camera, stereo amplifiers, microphone, stylus, sensor strips to name just a few. The system operates on a power multi-core processor manufactured by IBM. This latest device has been described as a game altering controller which also provides user the option of an alternating look for every gaming occurrence. Despite all the doubts, the E3 of Wii U which is the renowned Wii HD that has been long awaited for has earned an amazing response from all in the gaming arena.