Twitter to let users put photos, videos in tweets

Twitter which was initially launched with a text-only service has announced on Wednesday that it will launch a programme to share photos and videos via tweets. This is part of a strategy which will help the company build a sustainable and profitable business.

It is part of a tie-up with Denver’s Photobucket Corp., backed by media conglomerate News Corp. on Tuesday; Twitter launched a follow button to link a particular Twitter account.

This is one step forward towards extending the reach of Twitter across the web. Besides, twitter is also revising and upgrading its search functions, similar to Facebook’s “like’ button and LinkedIn’s “Inshare” button.

One will find the button on partner websites such as AOL, TV Guide and the Wall Street Journal. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey called the step of sharing photos and videos through tweets "140 characters, now worth 1,000 words” in a blog.

Users without smart phones can send photos via text message, as Twitter is currently working on mobile carriers across the world. Terms of the deal with Denver’s Photo-bucket Corp., however, remain undisclosed.