Step by HP: a threat to Microsoft?

Very soon, Hewlett-Packard Co. will include webOS system for all its hardware systems, such as tablet computers, PCs, and smartphones. This will bring the competition at par with Apple, Google and Microsoft. This might, however, pose a serious challenge to Microsoft Corp. whose Windows operating system runs on numerous PCs shipped by HP last year. Microsoft has been a long time partner of HP now. Leo Apothecker, the CEO said that it was expected of the company to have introduced webOS in the market sooner.

Currently, the situation is such that webOS will be on top as compared to Windows on personal computers. However, in the CEO’s view, Windows would not fade into irrelevance because of this step of HP. This intention of Hp was made clear in a prominent technology conference on Wednesday.

Nokia Corp. CEO Stephen Elop also jumped into this battle of Operating systems stating that the cellphone company decided to ditch its Symbian partner in favour of Microsoft’s Windows so as to compete with Apple Inc.'s iOS and Google Inc.'s Android and help Nokia stand out from competitors.