Apple Buys iCloud domain

As Apple is all set to unveil its cloud-based service at the hands of CEO Steve Jobs, the domain by the name of iCloud. com has been taken over by the Company, at least in the administrative aspect. On Tuesday, the domain was registered to a Swedish firm, Xcerion.

However, WHOIS searches on Wednesday revealed that Apple was the owner of the domain. Experts have predicted that iCloud will provide online music locker services, replicating the moves of its rivals, Google and Amazon.

Analysts, such as Erza Gottheil of the Technology Business Research, however, predict that iCloud will be the splash part of the show and a music subscription service could be part of the programme.

It is also expected that iCloud will replace the existing $99 costing MobileMe online storage service.

Although the price that will be charged by Apple for iCloud is unknown, experts predict that Apple will provide some parts of it to its customers for free.

It is told by Apple insiders that iCloud will provide more than just streaming music, which includes several other programmes that are being currently developed by Apple.