Endeavour prepares for home journey

After being in space for 16 days and staying aloft, six crew members of Endeavour are preparing themselves for return to Earth. This was the final mission for the 30-year old NASA's space shuttle

After more than 15 days in space, the six crew members of the Endeavour made final preparations to return to Earth Wednesday on its final mission and the next-to-final mission for NASA's 30-year-old space shuttle program.

As per the schedule, the crew should begin their deorbit preparations at 9:26 p. m. ET and the payload doors of the shuttle are going to be closed at 10:49 p. m. The Entry Flight Director Tony Ceccacci is going to poll for the crew at 1:19 a. m. Wednesday and that is the time when they would decide whether they should go ahead with the deorbit plan or not.

If approved the in most probability Cmdr. Mark Kelly would be firing the engines of the shuttle at 1:29 am to be able to slow it done and prevent its falling out of the orbit. As per the plans, the touchdown is going to take place at 2:35 am on the runway of Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility.