Samsung Leans on Android

Samsung Electronics is going to be dependent upon Google's Android mobile-device software for operating future versions of its tablet computers, according to a senior Samsung official during an interview that was published today.

According to JK Shin, the chief of the South Korean Samsung division, they are going to resume working with Android on the future tablets, as told to The Wall Street Journal. Samsung Electronics is the second biggest cell-phone producer in the world following the Finnish Nokia. It however comes after Apple's iPhone and iPad when it comes to smart-phones and tablets.

But the Android system has had a boost in its smart-phone business and at present, Samsung is looking to do the same with tablets. The iPad had come as a surprise to competitors with its launch being highly successful early in
2010. Samsung has responded to it by opting for Android for its tablets and had brought in the 17.8cm Galaxy Tab in October last year for taking on Apple.

Samsung is about to release new versions of the Galaxy Tab this year in summer in its 8.9-inch as well as 10.1-inch models. The two are going to operate the newest version of Android, named the Honeycomb.