Jonas in Love With Katia

Katia Ivanova dumped DJ Jonas 'Basshunter' Altberg calling him as cleave.

21 year old, Katia, a former waitress, was dating Ronnie Wood before coming to Big Brother house.

Vinnie Jonas was a football player before he switched to an acting profession. He asked Katia about the reasons for ending the relationship with him.

Her reply was that she just wanted to be single as she "liked" someone else and is just coming out of a long relationship.

Katia had an affair before stepping onto the house and had already warned Vinnie about his clingy behaviour, and he too agreed with her and changed his attitude for her.

Heidi Fleiss and actress Stephanie Beacham differ in opinion about who was using who in this so called love relationship of Jonas and Katia. Stephanie was of view that Katia was being used by Jonas and its Katia whose feelings could have been hurt but on the other side Heidi felt that Jonas' feelings had been hurt.

Katia, Heidi and Lady Sovereign, all the three are in danger zone and will face the public elimination vote this week, and Ladbrokes quoted Katia to be 3/10 favourite who to be axed.