Google Starts Adding Flight Schedules And Airline Routes In Search

In its scheme to provide users with complete travel details, Google Inc. has started providing options to look up the flying timetable of various airplanes. This latest facility will be providing the flight schedules between two particular places and also the end places covered by a specific airplane.

All this information will appear in a box below the paid search results option of Google. The software engineer of Google, Petter Wedum has described it as the first and smallest measure in lieu of making it more convenient for travellers to find all details regarding travelling by air.

This declaration has been made just after about seven weeks since an a deal worth $700 million was materialized by Google’s Mountain View which is located in California in order to acquire an ITA software which is particularly meant for structuring information about airlines which would necessarily comprise of the timing of the flights, the accessibility of tickets and the cost of the tickets. This settlement has lead to quite a few numbers of raised eyebrows back then amongst the biggies in the travelling sector.