NASA to Launch New Science Mission to Asteroid in 2016

The name of the vessel that will journey four years to an asteroid, chip off some rock samples and them collect them back to our planet as declared by NASA will be OSIRIS-Rex.

The vessel scheduled to be launched in the year 2016 is the masterpiece creation of the scientists working at the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Lab. They have also come up with the cool name that has been given to the vessel.

The name could be said to the name of the child of Tyrannosaurus Rex who is the King of the family of dinosaurs and the antique Egyptian god of the underworld also known as the Osiris. It will be the permutation of a robot as well as a spacecraft. Reportedly the assistant principal researcher of the group that has created this marvelous thing is himself a great fan and believer of myths and folklore. He was said to have come up with this name as he sat down with a paper and pen trying to jot down all the wonderful things that this vessel would be used to do like recognize resources, examine the source of life etc.