Facebook snuggles with Washington with Bush-era hires

While Cathie Martin, the Republican celebrity will be bidding goodbye to Facebook since she has to address some issues in her private life, Facebook has already lured Joel Kaplan who was formerly the Deputy Chief of Staff in Bush’s administration to take the place of Vice President of Unites States public policy this June.

In its attempt to lobbying and doing some things related to general public strategy, Facebook has also won over another of the ex- aid of Bush, Myriah Jordan to join Facebook as the policy regulator dealing with the congressional relationships starting from the subsequent month.

These newest developments are coming at an important juncture as Facebook is now entangled in the disputes over the issue of online privacy and security. Andrew Noyes, the representative for Facebook has stated that this recent increase in incorporation of policy oriented people is to prove to the policymakers that Facebook is serious and a champion in dealing with the security and privacy issues in this sector. He also stated that the policy team is making an effort every day to make people the people availing their facilities understand how the security measures function.