Apple acknowledges Mac Defender malware, promises software update

Apple has confirmed the news that its Mac OS had been hit by scarewares and has also promised that it is going update Mac OS X and would also be going ahead and deleting MacDefender fake security software.

The announcement which came was a part of the new support document that was posted by the company and it is for the first time that it has recognized the fact that there is a threat and it has posted security threats to the systems of Apple.

In a document the company also said that Apple is soon going to deliver the updates. These are going to be the ones that would be protecting the systems against the malware and any other kind of threats that would be put later on the system.

Besides that Apple has also outlined steps that are going to be used by the users for saving infected Macs and remove the scarewares. This kind of declaration has sent shock waves across analysts and other people related to the industry. They also believe that the so-called update is going to be a breaking ground.