Curved Glass display to be seen in Apple iPhone5

As per a new report published by DigiTimes, the new Apple iPhone5 is going to feature curved-glass touch-screen display.

The report cited an unnamed source and said that since the cover glass makers are very reluctant to commit investment for the purpose of purchasing glass cutting equipments, Apple has decided that it will be purchasing some
200-300 glass cutting machines which are going to be used by these cutters.

All of these machines are going to be stored in various assembly plants and are going to be used at different levels if and when required.

The report also tried to show that Apple is negotiating with several suppliers for the process of glass cutting and lamination.

Google Nexus S, which is closest rival to Apple, had come out with a screen in December, 2010 which had screen that was curved inside and the reason given was that because of this, the phone fitted well into the hands.

Then there is Dell Venue Pro which also uses screen that are curved inside. Reason given here was that such screen gave better visibility.