Playboy puts its entire application collection of magazines online

On Thursday Playboy Enterprises has stated that it was transforming its entire archive online as an iPad app. This application allows access to every quote, ad, and nipple the magazine has ever published.

Playboy has stated that the desired users can subscribe the i. playboy. com site as monthly or years wise. Per month it would cost $8 per month, $60 per year and $100 for two years.

The plan to have the iconic magazine on its entire archive online was decided for debuting of it in January. Moreover Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has tweeted plans to have the archive up by March.

The users are not allowed to view pornography in Apple's apps store so the archive of Playboy content that will arrive on the iPad will be displayed through a Web page. By doing this it can avoid Apple's app restrictions.

Bondi Digital will format the content of it. Bondi has earlier said that it will put a collection of Playboy content online in 2009, without any cost.

Playboy has released a special hard drive in November which consisted all of the magazine's content.