Apple Inks Deal with EMI, Cloud Music Almost Finalized

With the agreement with Warner Music Group already in place, Apple has very recently entered into an authorized contract for music with EMI Music as the deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment draw nearer.

These two new deals i. e. with Warner Music Group and EMI will enable Apple in introducing a completely accredited cloud music facility in order to compete with its opponents namely Google and Amazon who don’t have complete licenses in this arena.

Though the exact dates as to when apple will be releasing the cloud-music service or declare publicly about its contracts has still not been disclosed, these four arrangements made by Apple would mean that by the 6th of June on which day the company is supposed to launch its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple will have the world’s four of the top and best music recording companies at its disposal.

Though it is expected that Apple will still be after Amazon and Google in the league, yet Apple now has the advantage of offering a wider array of features which its opponents can boost of owing to the restraints of not being licensed.